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Welcome to the official website of The Nectar Project LLC. Here you will be able to read an excerpt from our book Why The Mind Works, and purchase it. Through the book, we move toward bringing together at the root cosmology, scientific psychology, mystical experience, and the religious impulse. The needs of modern man go beyond what the old versions of these separate disciplines offered. And beyond the old versions of psychotherapy as well. The Nectar of Life is all that matters, and miracle-mindedness is needed to go beyond the obstacles in the mind that block the Pure Experiencing. Be your own guru and transcend all you have been.


 Tom Wilke
Our concept is to write globally, to present themes in a style which comprehends other works on man´s inner life -- that is, which encompasses perspectives rather than becoming polemic and divisive.  We have also posted works by other authors whom we admire.  Perhaps we supercede the void left by dead philosophies, theologies, institutions, and established organizations, and replace them.  In 2020 the humanity has been moved into the New Age: up until now this Pachakuti has been talked about, but nobody knew what it was.  Covid19 is our first lesson, but not our last.

The sole author of the Nectar Project writings is John Thomas Wilke, a Ph.D. neuropsychologist (1973, University of Arizona) whose first book was A Neuropsychological Model of Knowing (1979, University Press of America). His second book, self-published, was Why the Mind Works (2006). All subsequent writings are available for free download from this website.  He held faculty positions at several colleges and universities, including Antioch in Seattle (Masters in Psychology Program), and University of Wisconsin-Parkside, tenured 1980).

Besides the books, he has conducted scientific research and published in various international professionally edited journals. He conceived and directs The Nectar Project LLC, based in North Bend, OR.  In later years he pursued careers as a psychotherapist, woodworker and boatbuilder, and for ten years as teacher of T´ai Chi Ch´uan, relaxation, meditation, and self-acupressure. For the past twelve years he has lived a solitary and reclusive life in South America, currently in Perú.
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